PTC Christmas Worship 2023

The Presbyterian Theological College has wrapped up the Christmas season 2023 with a Christmas Worship Service held on December 15, 2023, 9:00 in the morning at the PTC-Kososki gymnasium.

The event was attended by all PTC students; from Pre-school to College, parents, teachers and office staff.

In his sermon, Pastor Michael Faburada speaks about the true significance of Christmas in the lives of the people, especially to the Christian believers.

During the event, missionary Rev. Lee Nam Goo and his wife Mrs. Lee Hak In were also introduced as new partners of Rev. Dr. Moon Sun Lee, the PTC missionary and founder, in his missionary work here in the Philippines.

Rev. Dr. Moon Sun Lee gave the benediction prayer that concluded the Worship Service.

Written by Pastor Michael H. Faburada

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